Yamaha E115AETX 2 Stroke Outboard For Sale


Specification:  Yamaha E115AETX Sale
Max. Prop Shaft Output 84.6 kW (115 ps) @5000 r/min
Full Throttle Operating Range 4500 ~ 5500 r/min
Idling Speed 750 ± 50 r/min
Fuel Comsumption 47.0 L/h @5500 r/min
Engine Type 90 deg. V4
Displacement 1730 cc
Bore X Stroke 90mm X 68mm
Compression Ratio 5.7
Starting Device Manual Choke
Fuel Induction System 2 dual throat carburetors
Lubrication System Pre-mixed fuel and oil
Ignition System CDI
Cooling System Raw-water, thermostatically controlled
Exhaust System Through propeller hub
Gear Shift F-N-R
Gear Ratio 2.00 (26/13)
Engine Transom Height X:642mm (25.3 in)


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